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Glam Music Share

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This community was created for ONLY sharing music files, specifically in the realm of Glam, Glam Rock, Funk, Disco, "New Romantic", Art Pop, Glam Punk and quirky show-tunes. (As a rule, if you don't know whether or not it would fit, consult the interests or e-mail the moderator a twentytens@livejournal.com.)

1) All posts must contain a song or a link to a page where songs can be easily found. The easiest way to do this is to upload a song on a site like Savefile, Rapidshare, YouSendIt, MegaUpload or your own server. Most of those sites will delete your upload after x-number of downloads or after a week, so if you want to upload it again, be our guest, just post the new link in the same post.
2) Yes, you can promote your band, post an "online flier" for your club-night or even share your SoulSeek username, as long as you provide us a way to listen to your music (or samples of music you play at the club or samples of what's in your SoulSeek share-folder) online. This means give us MP3-files!
3) This is not a place to post your set lists. As mentioned above, if you want to post a "flier" for the club you DJ at, you can include a few songs to give people an idea of what you play (and the image MUST be behind a cut), but that's about it, really. There are more appropriate places to post your club-fliers and they'll even let you do it outside a cut and without a "MUST include MP3s" requirement." Of course, if you want to post an entire set-list with every song ALSO available for download, that would rule, but it may also be time-consuming to you.
4) No promoting other communities unless you get an OK from twentytens. He's the moderator, he makes the calls over what is and is not appropriate for this community. Also consider community_promo for promoting your communities.
5) Songs can be anything from the early stuff that everyone has heard to brand new stuff from brand new artists. On the other hand, if you want to post "Magic Dance" or Ziggy Stardust, please, please, PLEASE consider two things: first- how easy is it to buy this album for cheap? second- is it a request?
6) Constructive criticism for a new band is great but there is absolutely no need for bickering just because you don't like the artist someone posted. Seems easy enough to understand, no?
7) MP3 and WMA formats only. Zip and .rar files are okay if you're sharing a whole album. Videos are also okay. Of course, please specify what format you're posting videos in or if you're posting a .zip or a .rar -- cos not every video format can be played in every computer (though MPEGs are generally universal) and not everybody can open up a .zip or a .rar. If you really want to post in a different format, you MUST specify what format and what programs/players this format is compatible or associated with — MP3 is a universal format and WMA will play in any Windows computer (which is seriously what most people have running). Anything else may only run in certain programmes and if you want to post it that badly, it's only considerate that you warn people.
8) Your post should give us this information:
Song Title:
Year (optional, but encouraged):
Genre (optional, but encouraged):
Comments (optional):

This just seems like common sense — and, as far as listing the genre goes, it can lead to some interesting discussions.
9) All posts are automatically friends only. Please DO NO try to change this. This is for your protection and ours.
10) Post as much as you want. Seriously, post as much as you want.

  • If you have a request, please post it in a comment on this thread.

    What is OK to post:
  • classic 1970s glam, funk and disco
  • glammy New wave (ie "New Romantic")
  • proto-punk — especially the Detroit and New York bands, like MC5, the Stooges, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, etc...
  • quirky showtunes (think Hedwig, Rocky Horror or Taboo — and I'll even be cool if you posted something from Cabaret!)
  • anything performed by cross-dressers or Drag Queens/Kings (if you don't understand why drag culture is important to "Glam" as a genre, you're probably a filthy homophobe or possibly just ignorant)
  • I don't care if it's not in English, it just has to fit the above criteria

    What NOT to post:
  • J-pop or J-rock — while some of it's almost definately glam influenced, this really shouldn't be the place for it. Mainly cos most of the people who "like that music" don't actually like the music, they just like the androgynous Japanese guys. Start "jrock_share" or something if you REALLY want to spread that.
  • Anything better posted to gothmusicshare, wavemusicshare or cockrockmp3. Just cos it can, in theory, fit under the blanket terms of "Goth," "New Wave" or "Glam" doesn't mean that it shares much more in common with Glam than a love for David Bowie or Queen. Anyway, EVERYBODY loves David Bowie and Queen. EVERYBODY.
  • Bands that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.... While I'm sure you can argue that any band that wears that much make up and talks like that is obviously a bunch of self-hating homosexuals, there's a chance that they aren't.
  • Other than that, I can't think of anything, but I'm sure I will in the future. Until then, knock yourself out.

    And most importantly: If you download something and like it, please support the artist and buy their music.
    I cannot stress this enough.

    Breaking these rules will get your post deleted. Breaking the rules more than once will get you banned. :)

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